Welcome to Light Bikes.tk

 Light Bikes 2.1 (latest release) is now available to download for free!

LightBikes V2.1



Minimum Specs


300MHZ Or Greater Processor

All Windows Versions (New Feature only at LightBikes.tk)



Hardware OpenGL Acceleration

Network Adaptor With TCP/IP Protocol Installed


If Your Computer Does Not Meet All Of These Requirements, You Won’t Be Able To Play This Version Of LightBikes.





Arrow Keys Control The Main Options, With [Enter] To Select An Option.

Game: Join Game - This Will Display A List Of Active Lightbikes2 Servers, And Allow You To Select One To Join. Once You Have Selected A Server, Assuming A Connection Is Established, You Will Be Presented With The Game Lobby.

Game: New Server - This Will Create A New Lightbikes2 Server, And Take You Straight To The Game Lobby.

Options: Music Volume - Has No Effect In This Release

         Sound Volume - Has No Effect In This Release

         Graphical Detail - Adjust This Up Or Down If You Want A Smoother Game, Or More Graphical Touches

         COMMS Rate - Set This According To The Type Of Network Connection You're Using

 Quit: Select This To Quit The Game And Return To Windows.



Game Lobby


When A Game Has Been Started, But Play Has Not Yet Begun, You Will Have A Chance To Type In Your Name, Select A Colour To Use, And Chat To The Other Players In The Game.

Use The Up And Down Arrows To Select Either 'Name', 'Colour' Or The Chat Window. Left And Right Arrows Change The Play Colour (Hold Down The Keys, The Change Is Subtle As There Is A Large Range Of Colours To Choose From).

When You're Ready To Play, Press [Tab]. If A Game Is Already In Progress When You Press [Tab], You Will Be Able To View The Current Game While You're Waiting To Join In.



The Game


Use The Left And Right Arrow Keys To Change Direction. That's About It Really. You Can Also Chat To The Other Players, Just By Typing. Players Score A Point Whenever Another Player Dies. The Player With The Highest Score Is The Best. There Is No End To This Game...

You Can Press F1, F2 And F3 To Alter The View Of The Arena. F1 Is Close To Your Bike, F3 Gives A Slightly Higher And Further Out View.



Internet Play


The Internet Support In This Game Is Slightly Primative. You Will Need One Of The Following In Order To Play:

Either: A Direct Internet Connection To Your Pc With Your Own Ip Address

Or: Udp Port 29755 Forwarded To Your Machine From The Router

Also: If You're Behind An Web Proxy Server It Won't Work, Because Communication With The Master Game List Server Is Done Over Http.


Whenever You Start A Server, The Ip Address Of Your Server Is Published Online At The Master Server. Anyone Else With An Internet Connection Will Then Be Able To Join The Game.

If You're Playing In A Wan Type Environment, Where Your Game Server Doens't Have A World-Visible Ip, And Network Broadcasts Won't Work Either, It'll Take A Little More Work To Get A Game Running. For This, You Can Create A File Called "Customiplist.Txt" Which Contains A List Of Ip Addresses, One Per Line, Of Game Servers To Attempt To Connect To.

Other Features

Press F12 To Take A Screenshot. The Current Screen Image Will Be Written  To A .Jpg File With A Random Name. Writing The Image File May Take A Second Or Two, Depending On Processor Speed So Take Care If You Use It While Playing A Game, As You Won't Be Able To Control Your Bike While Taking A Screenshot.

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